Artists for Democracy

Crys Matthews and Heaher Mae

BOLD ReThink announces its first chosen "Artists for Democracy" -- Crys Matthews and Heather Mae -- for January 2021.

These two talented artists are the featured musicians in our first Democracy Summit, which you can watch here.

With eight releases and counting, including Battle Hymn for an Army of Lovers, "Crys Matthews is using her music to build the bridges that so often seem to elude us today. A preacher’s daughter, Matthews is a firm believer in the power of changing hearts instead of minds. Her songs about love and life are reminiscent of a young Tracy Chapman while her social-justice music is already garnering comparisons to Woody Guthrie." You can listen to her songs and support her work as a musician through her site, here.

Heather Mae is a singer and song-writer who "known for openly addressing social issues such as self-love, women’s rights, racial injustice and LGBTQ rights in her music." Her new 2019 album, called "Glimmer," is available here. "When people listen to my new music, my mission is that they feel they're not alone and that they're moved to rediscover the best versions of themselves," she has said.

In 2020, they co-wrote "Six Feet Apart" to help encourage people during the pandemic.

Congratulations and much appreciation to Crys and Heather for their artistry, their great hearts, and their devotion to making our democracy and our world a better place.


Each month, BOLD ReThink will highlight musicians and other artists standing up for our democracy, because art can change hearts and spread joy.

As Donald Cohen has written: "musicians and artists are essential workers too." With so many bricks and mortar venues closed due to the deadly pandemic, supporting music now is more important than ever before. Here's how.  

Your efforts can aslo help ensure musicians make a living wage (but let's make sure they get access to life-saving health care and prevention, too).

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