How the Right-Wing Agenda Has Brought Injustice and Harm

The Right-Wing Agenda: Commentary

  • What Is the Far Right’s Endgame? A Society That Suppresses the Majority, Rebecca Onion
  • The Real Agenda Behind Voter Suppression, Donald Cohen
  • Preemption Strategy: The Attack on Home Rule in Florida, Alan Stonecipher and Ben Wilcox
  • Arizonans Love Postal Voting. But Even With the Coronavirus, Its GOP Lawmakers Don't, AJ Vicens
  • Why big business can count on courts to keep its deadly secrets, Michelle Conlin, Dan Levine, and Lisa Girion
  • “Business Civil Liberties”: Code for the Perversion of Democracy, Charlie Cray
  • Dark Days for Democracy, Charlie Cray
  • The Kingpins of Carbon and Their War on Democracy, Charlie Cray and Peter Montague
  • Gerald Goldhaber on How Unregulated Industry Kills or Injures Thousands of Americans Every Year
  • Neoliberalism: Political Success, Economic Failure, Robert Kuttner
  • Fox News’s propaganda isn’t just unethical — research shows it’s enormously influential, Matthew Yglesias
  • Using Federal Courts to Attack Community and Environmental Protections (Chapter 1 & 6)
  • AXIS OF IDEOLOGY: Conservative Foundations and Public Policy, Jeff Krehely, Meaghan House and Emily Kernan
  • Built to Break: The International System of Bottlenecks in the New Era of Monopoly, Barry C. Lynn
  • The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President: How new technologies and techniques pioneered by dictators will shape the 2020 election, McKay Coppins
  • Beyond Originalism: The dominant conservative philosophy for interpreting the Constitution has served its purpose, and scholars ought to develop a more moral framework, Adrian Vermeule
  • The postal service is essential to national security, Christopher Shaw and Osama Khalil
  • Three Big Lies at the Heart of Republican Attacks on the Post Office, Josh Eidelson
  • The Population Health Approach in Historical Perspective, Simon Szreter
  • A risk to democracy’: North Carolina law may be violating secrecy of the ballot, Jordan Wilkie
  • The Cost-Benefit Boomerang, Amy Sinden

Unclear Agendas

  • The America We Need, the NYT Editorial Board
  • Why Americans Are Dying from Despair, Atul Gawande
  • Government is Good for You, Steven Hill
  • The Golden Age of White Collar Crime: Elite lawbreaking is out of control. This is the grotesque story of an existential threat to American society, Michael Hobbes

The Capitalist and Corporate Agenda

  • U.N. warns that runaway inequality is destabilizing the world’s democracies: The report is unusually clear-eyed in acknowledging that the distribution of wealth and power is a zero-sum game, Christopher Ingraham
  • C.E.O.s Should Fear a Recession. It Could Mean Revolution, Farhad Manjoo
  • The Next 3000 Days Will Decide the Fate of Human Civilization, Umair Haque
  • America's middle class is getting hooked on debt with 100% rates, Christopher Maloney and Adam Tempkin
  • Political Operatives Are Faking Voter Outrage With Millions Of Made-Up Comments To Benefit The Rich And Powerful, Jeremy Singer-Vine and Kevin Collier
  • Why You Can't Trust Nutrition Science & Health Claims (Video)
  • The Business Roundtable’s Plan To Turn Your Kids Into Corporate Clones, Charlie Cray

The Koch Agenda