Democracy Needs a System Upgrade

We the People

What if you could be a founding mother or father of 21st century democracy and government in America?

We have a chance to redesign our democracy.

We have a chance to redefine our government.

BOLD ReThink is inviting you to join in reimagining our country working for all of us.

And you are here right at the beginning. We are going to examine the barriers to our government working for the common good. For more than 50 years, there has been a growing effort to rig our democracy so it works for the wealthiest and against the rest of us.

Together we can fix our democracy and help make sure our government advances our well-being.

Your ideas are welcome. Your energy is needed. Your commitment is crucial. Become a founding mother or founding father for our 21st century democracy.

Join us today and become part of the BOLD rethink community!

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